Music is a sacred force, a powerful healing vibration that uplifts and unites. Its vital cadence echoes throughout all we know. From the creation of the universe and all that lies within, to our thoughts and feelings for the world around us, the divine vibration of life interconnects all.

Our music lives strong within us as a never-ending force. After 17 years, we're going back to its source. Back to the purity of our intention.

Video Blog

We are a couple in music and in love. From the first time we jammed in 1998, we've been inseparable. This video blog is our journey of creating a new album over a period of six months while performing as a live electronic duo aboard a cruise ship. (Gotta do what ya gotta do to keep the dollars coming) This album is dedicated to the power of the human spirit and our ability to overcome all obstacles with Love and Compassion.